Don’t touch the world

•22 February, 2007 • 2 Comments

I just had to post this. Last night I was watching TMF when I saw this video for Freemasons – ‘Rain down on me‘. I was just shocked. Director Sarah Chatfield not only make a rip-off, but f*cked up the entire concept of the original. They call it a ‘homage‘ but they apparently don’t understand what Michel Gondry was trying to do in Daft Punk – ‘Around The World‘. Watch and listen closely and you will notice that every dancemove of the different characters correspond to the various layers of instruments used in the song. Another great video from the greatest music video director

Enjoy the one and only.


A trip on the train

•19 February, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Long time, no see. Back again with a nice video from Michel Gondry. This underrated video for ‘Star Guitar‘ from the Chemical Brothers. Michel translated every little detail of the song into a part of the landscape during a nice and cosy traintrip.

Sit back and enjoy

ps: you can check a ‘making of’ right here

The best thing is to say nothing

•6 February, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Here he is again, Jamie Thraves, this time with his best Video ever. This video has nothing to do with Radiohead‘s lyrics of ‘Just‘. Instead he and Thom Yorke tells us a simple story of a man who lies on the pavement. Nobody knows why but everybody, including the audience is just dying to know the answer. The great part is that only 3 people know why he lies there; Jamie Thraves, Thom Yorke and the actor. But the real question is: is there a reason or are they just messing with our heads.

Enjoy and don’t think to much about it.

Videotaping from the basement

•1 February, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Wow, this is so simple it’s beautifull. Thom Yorke performing Videotape. This isn’t an actual music video, it’s in fact a live-recording of the song in a project called “From the Basement“. But the video-recording of this song is done with such finesse it could be a very good music video. The long shots follow the mood and pace of the song almost perfect.

Just enjoy.

Candles and Toops

•31 January, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I’m keeping in in the Stop-motion world. The great video for “Toop Toop” by Cassius uses stop-motion on small candles.  The director of this video puts the focus not on the stop-motion but uses stop-motion to create very cool animations.  It’s not a superb video, but it’s cool!


Jupiter is a nice planet

•31 January, 2007 • 1 Comment

Another homegrown video! This time it’s An Pierlé & White Velvet with the beautifull song “Jupiter“. Director Jan Brzeczkowski is cleary influences by the great Michel Gondry and his work of stop-motion. Nonetheless is this video a fine work of craftmanship.


VotW – Me Plus One

•29 January, 2007 • Leave a Comment

It’s been awhile, but I was busy. So let’s get back to business with a new Video Of The Week. This time it’s Kasabian with ‘Me Plus One‘, directed by Scott Lyon. It’s got everything a good video needs: good music, cool editing, nice photgraphy,  great setting and mood. And the reference to Dali’s “Human Skull Consisting Of Seven Naked Women’s Bodies” makes the overall feeling of this video heading towards the subconscius and the surreal.